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Turnip Cakes

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Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Ice Cream. Cool. (at Lab Made)

Clams in passionfruit and parsley butter sauce topped with parsley foam. (at Akrame)

#Happiness is #craving for something the whole day and have the #freedom, #health and #means to get it. But you are truly #blessed when you have someone in your #life #texting you with that same exact thought. (at Ronin)

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Sweet Evening - “Marketing Magazine Agency of the Year Awards 2013” Gala Dinner at JW Marriott

Crispy Bean Curd Roll at Nanhai No.1 南海一號

Lobster Linguini Lunch at Landmark Cafe


With me only being able to free personal time on Saturdays and Sundays, I find myself clinging onto my calendar even during the weekend.

Although it can be very tiring to run around from one meet up to another, seeing and listening to the people I care about, is very energizing. And so, I decided to add catch-ups over breakfast to the ones over br/lunch, afternoon tea/coffee, dinner and drinks. Unfortunately, five meals is all I can digest per day : )

Here follow some nice western breakfast places on Hong Kong Island for you to consider:


Cafe Causette - People, who know me, know I love dining at (luxury) hotels. The ambience and food is generally nice and considering that prices in and around the Central district are similar, at least you can expect a level of service at hotels (Hong Kong is not known for great service. Staff is usually ‘sleeping’). If you need a ’hangover’ breakfast, you might want to head to their Mandarin Grill + Bar instead. - Studies have shown that greasy and heavy food, like a full English breakfast, can assist recovery in addition to drinking a lot of water. (Hotel Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central Hong Kong - 2825 4005).

Oolaa - My go-to place for breakfast or brunch, when I can’t be bothered to come up with a place. It’s comfy and I like the large variety of dishes on their menu. I either got used to their (ask-me-three-times-and-still-I-managed-to-foget-your-order) service or it has actually improved a lot. There’s also also a Oolaa [petite] in the Wan Chai district, but that’s nothing compared to the original outlet on Bridges Street. (G/F, Centre Stage, Bridges Street, Soho, Hong Kong - 2803 2083).

Le Jardin de Joël Robuchon - I’m not a huge fan of sweets, especially in the morning, and why would I want to sit in the dark, when I just got up? But if you are like my friends, who prefer starting the day with a bit of luxury and something sweet, this is a good way to kickoff your day. (Shop 315, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong - 2166-9000).


Mana! Slow Fast Food - “Serving organically inspired, locally produced, vegan & raw slow food, fast!” This eatery reminds me of the 'Pijp'  district in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For a quick an healthy catch-up , this is your place to go. (92 Wellington Street, Central Hong Kong, 2851 1611).

The Petit Café - A concept brought to you by Maxim’s Group. I support those with great marketing strategy. - Both the Asian and western(ised) concepts are very spot on as in target audience and the outlets generally offer very consistent food. (Shop 407, 4/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway Admiralty, Hong Kong - 2918 9293). Another nice breakfast place under their umbrella is Simplylife Bread & Wine (IFC Mall, Shop 1081, 1/F, IFC II, 1 Harbour View Street, Hong Kong - 2234 7356).

Le Salon Restaurant et Croissanterie - After the success of Italian-style restaurant AMMO, celebrity chef and restaurateur Tony Cheng, introduced this little French eatery. It might not be the most comfortable place to sit down, nor is it convenient to get to (they are all the way up on the 13th floor of the mall), but it’s worth the visit if you like double-baked croissants with caramel, tiramisu or chestnut filling. (Shop 1302, 13/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - 2115 3328).

I couldn’t finish this breakfast story without mentioning where to get a good Hong Kong-style ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ breakfast. Here are the links to the Top Ten ‘Cha Chaan Teng’ from Singapore’s food blogger Brad Lau: and Time Out Magazine Hong Kong:



I once got corrected for using a Cantonese saying incorrectly. Luckily, the receiver knew me well enough to question what I meant, considering the saying had a negative tone. Not that I’m all sunshine, but I decided to ban it from my vocabulary anyway.

Today, I received my second correction, when I used the phrase ‘好睇唔好食’ [lit. look good, not taste good]. It was not a correction per se, as I could have meant just that, but I did not.

I meant to express that the Gourmet Food Challenge tasting dishes at the food and hospitality trade show HOFEX, looked beautiful and therefore it was unfortunate that the flavour, even though all up to standard, did not compliment the ‘goodness’ I saw.

Meaning, the phrase I used was totally off and with that very rude, especially since I was a guest. [Read: Freeloading + *sshole].

There’s a good reason for keeping you mouth shut when you eat. Needless to say, no one wants to see the ‘car crash’ in your mouth, but also because you might ‘講多錯多’ [lit. talk much, wrong much]. Then again, if P. had not reacted on my ‘好睇唔好食’, I would not have realised what I had said exactly and continued to be oblivious.

When it comes to dining with strangers, or acquaintances even, when are we, after swallowing our food, to open our mouths?


Cut my finger (again) and I’m too scared to use it. I might break it or something, so it is on strike. Using chopsticks with my ‘wrong’ hand is out of the question and since I might poke my face with a fork, I’m using a spoon. Eating rice with a spoon sucks. It just doesn’t taste as good as with chopsticks.